Markus Raab

Markus Raab



This is a now page, inspired by Derek Sivers — the page tells what I am up to these days. I heard the first time of the now page from Ben Pages. If you like this idea as much as I do, just have a look on how to create a now page for yourself.

Updated: 10th September, 2020

now.location – back home in Austria

From October 2018 till March 2020 I traveled and lived mostly in South East Asia. I returned back home to Austria in March to move on with what I started. Find my why, work on my own identity, enjoy the summer, work hard without being tied to an office.

now.working – building a web design & SEO business

Even without years of experience in the field, I decided to build a web design & SEO business. Right now I am preparing for the actual founding. I am working on my skills and applying new skills to voluntary projects. Besides, I am working once a week at an awesome online marketing agency.

I love to learn, I love to create, I love to make something that is of value to someone else, I love to help and share my knowledge & skills. I really enjoy seeing my own development. I see myself as a generalist. I see myself as a multi-potentialite. I am a scanner, not a driver (c.f. Barbara Sher). Recently, I learned about the term t-shaped personality or t-shaped profile and I can totally relate to that.

Work in progress a web site for my friends who own an organic farm: BioHof Bart

now.supporting – my wife

My wife Ekaterina is from Russia, moved to Austria in 2014, and finished her studies in journalism and international logistic management. She speaks Russian, German, English, Spanish, and Italian. She loves languages and everything that is involved in language learning more than anything but has difficulties to find an appropriate job. I am helping her to find a job, that allows her to have enough freedom to focus on her own project –

now.reading – “Shantaram”

After reading many books I would put into the category self-development it was time for something else. Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts tells about a convicted criminal who escaped prison in Australia to flee to India. The story is based on his own life and tells about the cruelest and most heartful experiences he made in Bombay. I just started reading it and had no idea that it’s about a thousand pages – so far worth every line. On page 800 and still reading.

now.watching – “How to get away with Murder”

I did not watch Netflix for ages, I did not feel that there is a need for it. However, as I put many hours into work right now, it’s sometimes nice to have a short break. So far I did not finish the show – that’s the nice thing, I do not have to. Too often we think we must finish what we started. It’s not always good, no matter if we talk about a movie, a book, a career, …

now.hobby – photography

I am only able to put very little effort into it, but I try to keep going on improving my photographic skills. Every now and then I get out with my camera and capture the world ❤️

now.not – reading, listening, watching news

Many years ago I listened to the audiobook “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferris. I am not the biggest fan but I remember he suggested not to waste time-consuming news. In July I started to avoid the news. No news on TV & radio, unsubscribed emails, unfollowed news channels. What should I say – I am for sure not the best-informed person about happenings around the world – still I feel informed enough. It’s the 10th of September, and I still did not actively consume news. Everything I know, comes from people around me.