Markus Raab

Markus Raab



The page is a project run by my wife Ekaterina. She speaks Russian, English, German, Spanish, and Italian and is totally into languages. While most people relax when watching a movie or reading a book, she relaxes when she studies languages. As she learned so many languages and specifically of methods on how to learn languages she started out as a language teacher and language coach.

As a teacher, mentor, coach, or trainer it is important to have your own online space to showcase yourself. A perfect start to tell about yourself is a so-called onepager. A onepager consists (as the name explains) only of one single page with different sections. A visitor can scroll down – section by section – to learn more about you as a teacher, mentor, coach, or trainer.

Often such onepagers are (later) extended by additional pages to show off your previous work, use cases, tell stories, show prices & packages, offer a download area, a blog, etc. 


  • Hosting + domain + content delivery network + email configuration and optimization
  • WordPress onepager based on Shapely theme
  • WordPress package (setup, cloud backup, caching, performance, optimization)
  • WordPress security (SSL certificate + HTTPS)
  • WordPress media optimization
  • WordPress contact form + spam protection
  • WordPress SEO preparation
  • WordPress button for WhatsApp and Telegram 
  • Logo and favicon design (text + icon)
  • Video/audio recording + postprocessing
  • Establish YouTube channel
  • Instagram feed integration
  • Simple download area