Markus Raab

Markus Raab


Why so simple?

Isn’t the design and layout of this site boring? It is basically just one color, a logo that hardly deserves to be called a logo. There are no fancy shades. Hardly any effects (thank god no blinking). Why would anyone even do that?

I was working a lot with different WordPress themes and templates over the last year. While many of them look amazing and give you the feeling to complete an entire website project in a few minutes they are also full of clutter.

I declutter my life a lot in the last years. I strive for simplicity and minimalism. That’s why I thought I should give it a try as well for my website projects.

See it big, and keep it simple

Do you want to see my entire concept of this website? I did it in a few minutes with some paper and pen I just found next to me. It’s as simple as that and guides me on the entire project. See for yourself.

that is how I started
The first and currently only draft of – it can be as simple as that

Keeping it simple is elegant. It helps to gain clarity. It helps to get started. I will definitely do website projects that are fancier, more stylish, and more complex. Here and there though, I will always throw in some simple projects. I like them. They are doing good for your soul. What is doing good to your soul might also do good for your business.